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How To Earn Money On Short Links ?

Make Money by Short URLs is one the traditional and easiest method of all time. No doubt their are hundreds of different ways to earn money from living room. For all them Earn money from URL shortener is best and simplest way. If you does not have any technical skills or don’t know in deep about marketing then making money from short URL is best way. Now the question what the URL short means and how we can earn money from it.? So here we will discuss about URL shortener service. URL shortener networks allow you to short down the long URL. What you have to first simply join any URL shortener service which are listed out below and create new Short links with the help of them and promote that Short URL on anywhere you want to just like at your on blog or social media platforms like Facebook, Google+ and many more. When someone click on your Short URL then it will redirect passing through ad page for 5 second and then towards their original long link. So this is how you will get paid from these services. The maximum rate provide by companies are from $1 to $10 per 1000 views/clicks on your Short URL. The rate vary according to visitor location. These service also provides you referral system, like if any person join through your referral link then company will give you upto 20% Commission. So here we are going to listed our some best URL shortener to earn money which you can join now and start earning.

List Of Best URL Shortener To Make Money:


Adfly is the best one and trusted company among all url shorteners to earn money. It take best care of their users provides the money at time. It is an old company so many users trusted this company. You can earn 5$ per 1000 views on your short URL. You can also get benefit of referral system and can get 20% commissions from your referrals. The best thing of this company is the minimum payout is 5$. Register now and get chance to earn some money from this service.


Linkbucks is one of the most popular URL shortener service through which you can earn money online with short URLs. It will pay you $2 to $6 per 1000 visits on your short URL. The minimum payout is 10$ and you can also earn 5% commission from your referrals. If you have an website, blog and good visitors then you can also check their advertiser program.

3. is the another URL shortener service which provides you to new chance to earn money online with the help of shortening URLs. You can get 4$ to 8$ per 1000 visits on your short URL. If you have referral then you can get 20% commission from your referral. The minimum payout is 10$. If you can provide more than 100000 views monthly then you can get special rates from So register now, short your URL with and share it on Facebook, twitter, websites, blogs and more and get chance to earn some money.

4. will pay you $1.15 to $4.50 per 1000 visits on your short URL. The minimum payout is $10. Sign up now and earn some money from your short URLs.

How To Make Money By URL Shortener Networks ?

URL Shortening Service provide you an easy way to convert your original long link to simple in short link which is paid. Simply create short URL after joining any of the above given network which you like most.

  • After Creating a link You have many different approaches to promote your link.
  • You Can promote it on Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or others.
  • You can also earn money by promoting short links on your own website or blog. In case you don’t have any best advertising network then URL short URL on every link to earn money.
  • You can use scripts provided by these network to automatically convert blog URL into paid short URL.

At the end according to me try all the above given network one by one and analyze which perform best according to your traffic source. Never depend on single network try all of them to earn efficiently.
If you know any of the best network which we had missed then let us know we will update it soon.

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