Linode Promo Code – Get $20 Free Credit

Besides Vultr, DigitalOcean, Linode is one of the most famous cloud server providers all over the world with 8 datacenters: Atlanta (Georgia, USA), Dallas (Texas, USA), Fremont (California, USA), Newark (New Jersey, USA), London (United Kingdom), Tokyo (Japan), Singapore and Frankfurt (Germany).

Linode Promo Code

Linode services have many incredible reviews with a high-quality cloud server, nice, fast and helpful support. If you have never tried Linode before, the company gives you some promo code, up to $20 free credit to test their services.

Linode Coupon – Linode Promo Code

Simply sign up a new account following this link, then use one of the coupon codes below, you will receive the credit for free.
PodcastInIt2018 – Get $20 Free Credit
developertea2018 – Get $20 Free Credit
atp2018 – Get $20 Free Credit
analogue2018 – Get $20 Free Credit
material2018 – Get $20 Free Credit
clockwise2018 – Get $20 Free Credit
LINODE10 – Get $10 Free Credit
DOCS10 – Get $10 Free Credit

Note: The free credit gift codes are valid for new customers only. Linode do not accept PayPal so you can make your payment with Credit Card.

Let’s take advantage of this chance!

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