How To Make Money From A VPS

Have you VPS and want to make money from a VPS then it is a perfect article for you. I have some ideas to make money from a VPS. Before use a VPS you must know about this.

VPS is also known as a virtual private server that is somewhere hosted, you can control it with remote desktop or with SSH tools.

1. Web hosting or blog

Make a web host or WordPress blog and post some unique article like an offer, news, coupons. Next, put some good ads and run traffic exchange. you will 100% make some money.

2. Selling Traffic

Make accounts in HitLeap, 10khits or Otohits and run their traffic software on your VPS. you will earn some minutes, you can sell them as a web traffic.

3. PTP (Paid to Promote)

PTP is a traffic sending system. It is the most used method to earn money. You can earn by running traffic exchange on your VPS.

4. Running FTP servers

You can create FTP servers and sell them to new companies.

5. Reselling

You can make some money by reselling VPS. Suppose you bought a VPS for $5 for 1 month, you can sell it for $6-10 and easily make back the money you invested.

6. Hosting Game servers

You can host game servers like counter strike ones and Minecraft *be aware Minecraft servers require a lot of RAM and sell them or make your own Game servers hosting company Linux is also recommended to use when hosting those game servers windows takes a lot of performances.

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