Setup a free custom domain email on Yandex

Google has put an end to their free custom domain email service since a long time ago, and finally, Microsoft will also do the same thing. I think I must migrate to another service that is still free of charge.

There are many email services other than Gmail and Outlook with the same quality, one of them is Yandex Mail.

Yandex is a Russian based company, many people call it as “the Google of Russia” because it is also a search engine founded in 1997, and it has the same services like maps, email, translation, cloud storage, and much more. Free email with available in English.

Yandex offers 1000 email accounts with your own domain for free.

Custom domain email on Yandex step by step

Create a Yandex account, It is in English, so it must be easy.

Setup a free custom domain email on Yandex

Sign in to Yandex domain admin with your Yandex account.
Tips: just write your username and password, then hit Enter!

Register your domain, Insert your domain and hit Connect domain

Verify domain ownership: You don’t need to change the DNS server, I think the fastest way is by adding a CNAME record to your domain. There are two important values in the red boxes.

Go to the domain admin on your registrar and add the CNAME record

Setup MX record: Create an MX record from your domain admin with the following values:

  • Host Name: @
  • Server:
  • Type of record: MX
  • Priority : 10

Hit Verify domain ownnership to finish the setup

Create an account on your custom email

One more step and the setup process will be finished. Now you can create an email account with your own domain, you can create up to 1000 account!

Setup SPF and DKIM

With a DKIM signature, the email recipient can verify that the message really came from the supposed sender. The SPF record helps lower the risk that email sent from your domain will be marked as spam

Click to DNS editor

IMAP , POP3 and SMTP Config: Use the following IMAP, POP3 and SMTP config for the custom email client:


  • mail server address:
  • port: 993 With SSL enebled


  • mail server address:
  • port: 995 With SSL enebled


  • mail server address:
  • port: 465 With SSL enebled

Mobile App: iOS | Android

Happy mailing!

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