Top 3 Ways to Download Torrents With IDM (Free)

Torrent is small file with .torrent extension that allows one to download a lot of files. We work with torrents to download numerous items such as videos, games, software program and lots of various items. You’ll send torrents from a number of internet site. The send rate for torrents depends upon seeds they have. It would make complex for someone to download docs with minimal or zero seed counts.

Top 4 Ways to Download Torrents With IDM (Free)

However with the help of this trick you’ll be capable to download torrent file with IDM. This tool may be really helpful if you want to download file which has minimal seeds. IDM is the fastest file transfer manager on the web industry. Therefore lets start!


  • Torrents can be added by a local torrent file, a magnet link, or a URL
  • Your account can be accessed from an Android device, through which you can also add torrents like you can with the desktop site
  • You can login to with your email address or by using your Facebook or Google account
  • Your files can be organized within folders
  • For a small fee, the expiration date for your files can be extended past the three day limit


  • Storage: They provide 2 GB of Free data storage on the free plan, they have also nice offers to increase your storage buckets, like if you share their review on social media then you will get additional 500 MB free storage per share. So Just tweet on Twitter and Get 500 MB free, pin On Pinterest and Get 500 MB free and share one amazing video on YouTube and Get 1 GB free, so overall you will get 2 GB of free storage just by sharing. They have also a referral system to get 500 MB per user (limited to 4 referral only). So overall these storage limit is enough for some people. If your space is full, then you can delete other files to make it free space or you can go for premium plans, which gives you more future and facilities.
  • Live Streaming: I don’t believe they also offer live streaming on Freebies plan, which is simply amazing compare to others.
  • High Speed Bandwidth: Most of the torrent cloud gives you limited speed on freebies plan, but seedr give you the best high speed on a torrent download, which I really like it.

ZBIGZ – Torrents to IDM

  • There you can see an option of upload torrent. Click on it and upload your .torrent file then click on GO.
  • You will have to wait for some time. It takes a time to cache your file.
  • Now when caching of your file being done, click on the button “Transfer” to download the file.
  • IDM – Internet Download Manager must be installed in your system.
  • Now your torrent file will be downloaded via IDM i.e Torrent to IDM

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