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Top 5 Useful Apps that Enhance your Instagram Experience

You may have uploaded them before, those black-and-white Facebook photos of the beach, blurred and filtered with a “deep” quote about human nature. Maybe your friends roll their eyes at you. Maybe they like them. But whether they like it or not, Instagram, the new photo-sharing giant, is here to stay.

For Instagram users like you, here are some useful web apps that will enhance your experience and make the most out of your images.

We have divided these apps into three categories: Photo Printing, Photo Browsing, and Cool Miscellaneous.

Top 5 Useful Apps that Enhance your Instagram Experience

1. Followadder

Many of you might know but Followadder is one of the popular desktop based Instagram tool. It’s used by many agencies, power Instagram users to get free likes, schedule updates, Follow users based on specific hashtag or keyword & many other features which you need to completely automate Instagram marketing. Here are the features of FollowAdder:

For Twitter automation on desktop, this is pretty cool tool. This also supports multiple Instagram profile management.

2. Crowdfire

Crowdfireapp is a dedicated social media management app for Twitter & Instagram. This is a free tool to use & you can unlock features by upgrading your plan. They also have an iOS app & Android app which is pretty classy & something you would love. I mostly use this app for seeing my recent Instagram un-followers & people who followed me. You can also unfollow & follow other Instagram users using the app itself.

3. Copygram

Copygram is linked to your Instagram account as soon as you log in. It has all of the features of Instagram, such as Like, Follow, Unfollow, hashtags, etc. Plus, you can back up your photos by downloading them to your computer and even better, have your images printed and mailed to you!

4. Gramblr

If you ever wanted to upload Instagram pictures from your desktop, Gramblr is a tool for you. It’s available for Windows and Mac. This is a useful tool for social-media agencies where you want to upload edited photos to Instagram without transferring to your phone. While uploading you can also add captions to your photos.

5. INK361

This is another print order web application. You can browse by #tag, view, and order prints like the other apps above, but you can also join cool photo challenges. There are also multiples in which you can view and organize your photos. INK361 is also about to launch a service which will let you sell your Instagram pictures, and you can make money from it. At the time of writing, this service in currently in beta.

Now you can be the tech-savvy photographer that your friends will secretly envy. Do let me know if you know of any other useful Instagram tools or apps I missed in here.

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